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David G. Hartwell

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David G. Hartwell

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Full Name: David Geddes Hartwell
Born: July 10, 1941
Salem, Massachusetts, USA
Died: January 20, 2016
Elizabethtown, New York, USA
Occupation: Editor, Publisher, Bookseller
Nationality: American


David G. Hartwell was a senior editor of Tor/Forge Books, with a doctorate is in Comparative Medieval Literature. He was the proprietor of Dragon Press, publisher and bookseller, which publishes The New York Review of Science Fiction, and the president of David G. Hartwell, Inc. Hartwell curated many anthologies, including The Dark Descent, The World Treasury of Science Fiction, The Hard SF Renaissance, The Space Opera Renaissance, Year's Best SF, and a number of Christmas anthologies, among others.

Hartwell was on the board of the IAFA, was co-chairman of the board of the World Fantasy Convention, and co-administrator, with Gordon Van Gelder, of the Philip K. Dick Award. He was a three-time Hugo winner, for Best Professional Editor (2006) and Best Professional Editor Long Form (2008, 2009). As a professional editor, and co-editor of New York Review of SF, he was nominated for the Hugo a total of 41 times. He also received World Fantasy Awards in 1988, a special award for his work editing anthologies, and another specifically for the anthology The Dark Descent.

While well-known as an editor and anthology creator, Hartwell was almost as well-known for his novelty ties, which he wore with brightly-colored haut couture jackets, shirts and pants in paisley, stripes, plaids, and other striking patterns.

Hartwell is survived by his wife, Kathryn Cramer (with whom he co-edited two annual Year's Best anthologies for SF and Fantasy), their two children, and two children by a previous marriage.

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