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Author: Mark W. Tiedemann
Publisher: Yard Dog Press, 2005

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Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Near-Future
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Hall runs the most prestigious production company for the benefit of the Subscription Class, whose members expect only the best, only the most exclusive, and who are guaranteed it by a barrier of security that keeps the unwashed masses very firmly Outside. When he is contacted by an aging diva who wants him to produce her farewell show, Hall sees this as the crowning achievement of his career--until he learns of her conditions and needs.

Suddenly he is faced with violating the very rules that make Subscription Class Society what it is, in order to maintain the elaborate fiction of its promise of only the best. In a society where reputation is everything, stepping outside even in a good cause is a tremendous risk. But Hall finds himself more and more disenchanted with the whole charade, and is prepared to take more than a few modest chances to do something spectacular....


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