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A Columbus of Space

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A Columbus of Space

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Author: Garrett P. Serviss
Publisher: Hyperion Press, 1974
D. Appleton & Company, 1911
Original English publication, 1909
Series: Hyperion Classics of Science Fiction: Book 5
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Pulp
Space Exploration
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The basic story is set in the nineteenth century, where a man asks his friends if they want to see something he has been working on and they all end up taking a trip to Venus, where there are different societies depending on if you live on the sun side or the no-sun side of the planet, where all you need as a human to survive is a fur coat and a pistol, and the people have tapped into the higher powers of the brain for communication.


I am a hero worshiper; an insatiable devourer of biographies; and I say that no man in all the splendid list ever equaled Edmund Stonewall. You smile because you have never heard his name, for, until now, his biography has not been written. And this is not truly a biography; it is only the story of the crowning event in Stonewall's career. Really it humbles one's pride of race to see how ignorant the world is of its true heroes. Many a man who cuts a great figure in history is, after all, a poor specimen of humanity, slavishly following old ruts, destitute of any real originality, and remarkable only for some exaggeration of the commonplace. But in the case of Edmund Stonewall the world cannot be blamed for its ignorance, because, as I have already said, his story remains to be written, and hitherto it has been guarded as a profound secret.

Copyright © 1909 by Garrett P. Serviss


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