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G. K. Hall & Co.

G. K. Hall & Co.

Founded: Unknown
Founded by: Garrison Kent Hall
Titles/Circulation: 0


G. K. Hall & Co. is an American book publisher based in Boston. It was founded sometime in the late 1950s by Garrison Kent Hall (1917-1973), who also had been an accountant. The firm initially, in the late 1950s through the 1960s, produced catalogs, in print and microform, of collections of renowned libraries -- notably the New York Public Library. In the 1960s, the firm expanded, producing other library references in the sciences, humanities, fine arts, and music. Beginning in 1971, two years after being acquired by ITT, the firm became a leading pioneer of publishing large-print editions of best-selling fiction and non-fiction books.

G. K. Hall was founded sometime in the 1950s and was incorporated in Massachusetts in December 1962. The company was acquired by ITT in September 1969 and sold to Macmillan Publishing in 1985. In 1999, G. K. Hall became an imprint of Thomson Gale when Gale acquired its parent, Macmillan Reference USA.

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Authors Published

• Clifford Simak  • Theodore Sturgeon  • Muriel Becker  • Lahna Diskin  • Leonard Deighton