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Chris Boucher

Last Man Running

Past Doctor Adventures: Book 15

Chris Boucher

Arriving on a jungle planet, the Fourth Doctor and Leela soon find themselves hunted by a hideous alien life form that appears to be some kind of robot with a taste for human flesh. But who has created it?

A band of humans arrives on the planet in search of something deadly and illegal -- the robot? Or the things that created it?

Assuming the Doctor to be involved in the monstrous crimes against nature on the planet, the humans make life difficult for the TARDIS crew -- but who is waiting and watching in the shadows -- and for whose benefit is the arena of peril set up?

Corpse Marker

Past Doctor Adventures: Book 27

Chris Boucher

The Doctor and Leela arrive on the planet Kaldor, where they find a society dependent on benign and obedient robots. But they have faced these robots before, on a huge Sandminer in the Kaldor desert, and know they are not always harmless servants. The only other people who know the truth are the three survivors from that Sandminer - and now they are being picked off one by one. The twisted genius behind that massacre is dead, but someone is developing a new, deadlier breed of robots. This time, unless the Doctor and Leela can stop them, they really will destroy the world.

Included in the 50th Anniversary Monster Collection.

Psi-Ence Fiction

Past Doctor Adventures: Book 46

Chris Boucher

Feynman College receives a grant for parapsychology research to be done by devious Barry Hitchens. During a routine test, he identifies five students who have genuine gifts. The students hold a seance at the site of a murder and one of the girls dies under mysterious circumstances. The Doctor arrives to attend a lecture on time travel, and is mistaken for Hitchens and finds himself drawn into the eerie events at the college.

Match of the Day

Past Doctor Adventures: Book 70

Chris Boucher

There were the contracts, the agents, the local sponsors, the pay-per-view broadcasts, the independent verification of results, the laws which made murder legal in carefully defined circumstances... It had taken a long time for the system of freelance duelists to be established, and an even longer time to develop the league of interplanetary superstars the others fought to reach and to challenge. And just when it was all working satisfactorily and profitably someone or something started interfering with the set up. Famous fighters died in private duels. Up-and-coming professional fighters began to fall victim to casual, one-time challengers - the sort of psychos and testosterone-addled drunks who would themselves be expected to die quickly and routinely.

When Leela is challenged to a duel to the death, the Fourth Doctor realizes that there is more to the situation than simple murder and mayhem. But before he can sort it out, he needs to save his client - Leela. How long can she survive on a planet where not to kill is an offense punishable by death?

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