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Carol A. Kolmerten

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Carol A. Kolmerten

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Full Name: Carol A. Kolmerten
Occupation: Writer, Editor


Carol Kolmerten is an active scholar. She has given more than 200 talks at academic conferences, including keynote speeches in such places at Recife, Brazil, and Rome, Italy. She has published five scholarly books and more than 75 articles; one of her books, Women in Utopia: The Ideology of Gender in the American Owenite Communities (Indiana University Press), was recognized by Phi Beta Kappa as one of the 22 "recommended" books of 1990. Her biography of women's rights activist Ernestine Rose has been said to "revise the history of the nineteenth-century women's rights movement in America." Her book on Toni Morrison and William Faulkner received an award from the Toni Morrison Society in 1996. Four of her full-page essays in the Chronicle of Higher Education generated hundreds of e-mails in the months they were published. Dr. Kolmerten, who received her BA in English from the University of Louisville and her Ph.D. in American Studies from Purdue University, has received numerous research awards grants.

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