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Michael Butterworth

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Michael Butterworth

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Full Name: Michael Butterworth
Born: April 24, 1947
Yorkshire, England, UK
Nationality: British


Michael Butterworth (born 1947) is a British author and publisher who has written many novels and short stories, particularly in the genre of science fiction. Because of the similarity of name he is often erroneously credited with the works of comic strip script writer and novelist Mike Butterworth, author of The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire and Gothic romance novels under the pen-name Carola Salisbury. The two authors are not related.

From 1968 to 1975, Butterworth mostly wrote short stories for New Worlds and many anthologies of New Wave SF. He also edited the small press magazines Concentrate, Corridor and Wordworks. In 1976 he wrote The Time of the Hawklords and founded the publisher Savoy Books with David Britton. In 1977, Butterworth wrote the sequel to Hawklords, The Queens of Deliria. Both books were co-credited to Michael Moorcock who has said that his involvement with the first was negligible and he had no involvement with the second at all.

In 1978, Butterworth was the co-editor (with David Britton) of The Savoy Book, and in 1984, he co-edited (again with David Britton) Savoy Dreams. From 1987 to the present, he has been an editor and contributor to David Britton's Lord Horror novel and the Lord Horror and Meng & Ecker graphic series. In 1995 his work was featured in the graphic novel Ledge of Darkness illustrated by Bob Walker (part of the Hawklords series).

Butterworth and Britton fought against obscenity charges in connection with books that they published.

In 2006 Butterworth founded a new book publishing imprint under his own name, Michael Butterworth, which he runs together with Savoy Books. In 2009 he launched the annual contemporary visual arts and writing journal, Corridor8.

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