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Planets of Peril
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Planets of Peril

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Author: Michael Butterworth
Publisher: Star, 1977
Series: Space 1999: Year 2: Book 1
Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Having passed through a space warp, the Breakaway Moon is plunged ever deeper into the unknown, distantly removed in time and space from its home planet Earth. With their life support system in danger, Moon Base Alpha personnel mount a desperate search for Tiranium, the precious mineral essential to their survival.

Their search takes them to the planet Psychon where they fall into the ruthless hands of its despotic ruler, Mentor. Then at last release comes from an unexpected quarter - Mentor's beautiful and rebellious daughter, Maya. Her phenomenal grasp of mental arithmetic and her ability to change shape at will make her a valuable addition to the Alphan team. And on their return to Moon Base Alpha, she soon encounters the first of the constant hazards that threaten Alphan life.


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