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A Man of Double Deed
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A Man of Double Deed

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Author: Leonard Daventry
Publisher: Doubleday, 1965
Series: Keyman: Book 1

1. A Man of Double Deed

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
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A cataclysm greater than the shattering Atomic Disaster of 1990 threatens the citizens of the 21st century. The world is living in fear of the wanton youth bands roaming the vast cities and terrorizing without purpose. There's no protection from the malicious homicide, the savage violence or the senseless suicide that is being committed. The World Government Committee is being pressed to immediate action by the corrupt and the honest. But it is the Keymen -- a group of Telepaths who consider themselves humanity's custodians -- who're fully aware of the urgency and implications of the worsening situation. A top Keyman, Coman is sent on the dangerous mission of persuading an influential member of the Committee to sanction the formation of a extraterrestrial area for the confinement of those ravaging the world.

Failure in this mission could mean his and the gradual disintegration of all the ideals that have advanced humans to the interplanetary flight age, robots and incredible glass cities. Coman is accompanied on his fateful trip by the two women with whom he lives. In his attempts to shield the women from danger, he places them in an explosive situation with possible drastic consequences.


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