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Tor Double #23: Riding The Torch / Tin Soldier

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Tor Double #23: Riding The Torch / Tin Soldier

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Author: Joan D. Vinge
Norman Spinrad
Publisher: Tor, 1990
Series: Tor Double: Book 23

1. Tor Double #1: A Meeting With Medusa / Green Mars
2. Tor Double #2: Hardfought / Cascade Point
3. Tor Double #3: Born With The Dead / The Saliva Tree
4. Tor Double #4: Tango Charley and Foxtrot Remeo / The Star Pit
5. Tor Double #5: No Truce With Kings / Ship of Shadows
6. Tor Double #6: Enemy Mine / Another Orphan
7. Tor Double #7: Screwtop / The Girl Who Was Plugged In
8. Tor Double #8: The Nemesis From Terra / Battle for the Stars
9. Tor Double #9: The Ugly Little Boy / The [Widget], The [Wadget], and Boff
10. Tor Double #10: Sailing to Byzantium / Seven American Nights
11. Tor Double #11: Houston, Houston, Do You Read? / Souls
12. Tor Double #12: He Who Shapes / The Infinity Box
13. Tor Double #13: The Blind Geometer / The New Atlantis
14. Tor Double #14: The Saturn Game / Iceborn
15. Tor Double #15: The Last Castle / Nightwings
16. Tor Double #16: The Color of Neanderthal Eyes / And Strange At Ecbatan the Trees
17. Tor Double #17: Divide and Rule / The Sword of Rhiannon
18. Tor Double #18: Vintage Season / In Another Country
19. Tor Double #19: Ill Met In Lankhmar / The Fair in Emain Macha
20. Tor Double #20: The Pugnacious Peacemaker / The Wheels of If
21. Tor Double #21: Home is the Hangman / We, In Some Strange Power's Employ
22. Tor Double #22: Thieves' Carnival / The Jewel of Bas
23. Tor Double #23: Riding The Torch / Tin Soldier
24. Tor Double #24: Elegy For Angels And Dogs / The Graveyard Heart
25. Tor Double #25: Fugue State / The Death of Doctor Island
26. Tor Double #26: Press Enter / Hawksbill Station
27. Tor Double #27: Eye for Eye / The Tunesmith
28. Tor Double #28: A Short Sharp Shock / The Dragon Masters
29. Tor Double #29: Nanowire Time / The Persistence of Vision
30. Tor Double #30: The Longest Voyage / Slow Lightning
31. Tor Double #31: Naked to the Stars / The Alien Way
32. Tor Double #32: Run For The Stars / Echoes of Thunder
33. Tor Double #33: Bwana / Bully!
34. Tor Double #34: Rule Golden / Double Meaning
35. Tor Double #35: Silent Thunder / Universe
36. Tor Double #36: Conjure Wife / Our Lady of Darkness

Book Type: Anthology
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Space Exploration
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Riding The Torch:

Jofe D'mahl, a senso producer, is one of the chief entertainers aboard the generation torchship Brigadoon. Ego to the brim and the ship's main socialite, he has no time for the voidsuckers--the sullen men and women who go beyond the massive ship's hydrogen umbra to seek out new planets for its passengers to settle. Goaded into taking one such trip after a voidsucker news bulletin upstages his latest senso, however, D'mahl has the experience of his life. Cut off from all technology and social affairs of the Brigadoon, he is offered a new perspective on existence. Problem is, he also comes upon knowledge that unhinges his mindset regarding the Brigadoon's mission.

The Tin Soldier:

Can human love survive the distance between the Stars?

"Tin Soldier" tells the story of Maris, an ex-soldier who, following wounds sustained in battle, has received cybernetic implants that, as a side effect, slow his aging to "about five years for every hundred" (he is 115 years old as the story begins, though physically he looks "about twenty-five"), and Brandy (short for Branduin), a female starship crew member.

The novella follows the relationship that develops between these two people who fall in love, but through circumstances can only see each other for a few days every 25 years.


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