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Masters of Glass
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Masters of Glass

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Author: M. Coleman Easton
Publisher: Questar, 1985
Series: Masters of Glass: Book 1

1. Masters of Glass
2. Iskiir
3. The Fisherman's Curse

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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A tired old man and a brash young girl...he was the Vigen of Darst and she is his apprentice, Kyala, the first female ever chosen to learn the magic power of glassmaking.

Into the mountains of Winterkill they went, seeking the rare pigment astablak to protect the people of Darst from the revening Lame Ones, who stalked the forests with clawed feet and burning eyes.

The way was long and treacherous, through the terrible crags and beyond to the mysterious town of Vanikval, where a renegade glassmaker held the people under his dread command.

There began a contest that shook the foundations of their world. Good against evil, man against beast, it would determine who were the true...Masters of Glass.


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