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The Fisherman's Curse
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The Fisherman's Curse

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Author: M. Coleman Easton
Publisher: Questar, 1987
Series: Masters of Glass: Book 3

1. Masters of Glass
2. Iskiir
3. The Fisherman's Curse

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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The Eyes of Death

Beads of magic...wit ha color that can steal your soul...Only the Vigens, the Masters of Glass, could look into the eyes of men and beasts and then make the unique talismans that could control their lives.

That was why Kyala, Mistress of Glass, joined the desperate scheme to slay the monsters sent by the sea god Etma. For if she could see the horror's eyes, then she could forge the true bead that would tame the beast forever. Yet when the demon rose to destroy its foolish human challengers, all of Kyala's nightmares were fulfilled. Never had she seen such eyes before, burning with the fires of doom. And even with all her skill, Kyala feared it was not in her power to conquer a creature from the depths of hell...


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