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The M.D.:  A Horror Story

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The M.D.: A Horror Story

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Author: Thomas M. Disch
Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf, 1991
Series: Supernatural Minnesota: Book 2

1. The Businessman
2. The M.D.
3. The Priest
4. The Sub

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Horror
Sub-Genre Tags: Weird (Horror)
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(12 reads / 6 ratings)


Exploring questions of guilt and responsibility, the second book in Thomas M. Disch's Supernatural Minnesota series, The M.D., is a satisfying mix of dark humor, biting social commentary, and terrifying horror. Given the power to heal or to harm by the Roman god Mercury through a magical staff, the caduceus, young Billy Michaels embarks on a lifelong journey of inflicting good and evil on those who cross his path. Wielding the caduceus, Billy, and later the grown-up, greedy physician William, can only cure in proportion to the amount of suffering he inflicts. From paralyzing his brother and mutilating schoolmates to wreaking a nationwide plague and running for-profit concentration camps for the sick, Michaels's powers spin quickly out of control.


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Gripping yet disappointing

- niriop


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