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Double Star
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Double Star

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Author: Robert A. Heinlein
Publisher: Gollancz, 2013
Astounding Science Fiction (Analog), 1956

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Genres: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Human Development
Light/Humorous SF
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(206 reads / 119 ratings)


One minute, down and out actor Lorenzo Smythe was -- as usual -- in a bar, drinking away his troubles as he watched his career go down the tubes. Then a space pilot bought him a drink, and the next thing Smythe knew, he was shanghaied to Mars.

Suddenly he found himself agreeing to the most difficult role of his career: impersonating an important politician who had been kidnapped. Peace with the Martians was at stake -- failure to pull off the act could result in interplanetary war. And Smythe's own life was on the line -- for if he wasn't assassinated, there was always the possibility that he might be trapped in his new role forever!


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