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Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Book Lists

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Series

Most Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror fans like a good series. Once we find a book we like we want to return to that universe time and again for more great adventures with the characters and settings we already know. Of course, Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror authors and publishers are only too happy to indulge our obsession. Indeed, single stand-alone books are becoming a thing of the past with trilogies or better being the norm. More is more these days.

The Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror Series list contains all of the series in the WWEnd database for your easy perusal. So whether you're looking for a trilogy, tetralogy, pentalogy, hexalogy, heptalogy, octalogy, ennealogy, or decalogy you've come to the right place. If you are a logged in WWEnd member you can see all the series you have tagged on a single page by clicking the "My Series" link in the nav bar below. Enjoy!

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 13th Spaceborne

1. (1994)2. (1994)3. (1995)


1. (2000)2. (2002)3. (2004)4. (2006)5. (2006)6. (2007)7. (2007)8. (2008)
9. (2009)10. (2010)11. (2011)12. (2012)13. (2012)14. (2013)15. (2014)16. (2014)
17. (2014)18. (2015)19. (2016)20. (2016)21. (2016)22. (2017)23. (2017)24. (2017)
25. (2018)26. (2019)

 3-adica Universe

0. (2018)0. (2019)

 7th Sigma

0. (2009)0. (2009)
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