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Brian W. Aldiss

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Brian W. Aldiss

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Full Name: Brian Wilson Aldiss
Born: August 18, 1925
East Dereham, Norfolk, England, UK
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: British


Born in East Dereham, Norfolk,(UK) Brian Aldiss is Britian's most prolific science fiction author and considered by many the true heir of H.G. Wells.

His works have long been associated with such iconic magazines as New worlds and New Wave. Aldiss published his first novel in 1958 and won his first Hugo in 1962 for Hothouse, a novel which hearkened back to his World War II experiences in Burma. His novels are associated with the New wave SF movement founded by Micheal Moorcock in the 1960's and with such sub-genres as space opera and far future. He is also known for his Hellonica trilogy, which earned him a Campbell award and numerous nominations.

More importantly he is reknown for his ambition to make SF a literarily acceptable genre. The publication of the short-lived journal Science Fiction Horizons in which he interviewed such literary luminaires as C.S.Lewis and William S. Burroughs and his history of SF, The Billion Year Spree (in which he favored Shelley's Frankenstein as the first SF novel)in addition to his many novels and short stories where he combined SF themes with quality writing are evidence of his constant advocacy of Literary SF.

He has written a number of non-fiction and non-SF genre works and is an active writer to this day having recently published the novel HARM. He still resides in the UK and is vice-president the International H.G.Wells Society.

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 Non Series Works


 Galaxy Science Fiction

 45. (1961)

 Gregg Press Science Fiction Series

 31. (1962)


 0. (1986)
 1. (1982)
 2. (1983)
 3. (1985)

 Liverpool SF Studies

 4. (1995)

 Masters of Science Fiction

 7. (1958)
 16. (1977)
 20. (1964)

 Nebula Awards

 2. (1967)

 Squire Quartet

 1. (1980)
 2. (1988)
 3. (1993)
 4. (1994)

 Tor Double

 3. (1988)


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